Saturday, July 18, 2015

An Update and Moving Forward


I wanted to give an update on the future of this blog. I am excited to announce that this blog and all its content will no longer be a solo venture. Instead it will be the combined work of myself (Kaitlin) and my best frand Kimmy.

Kimmy and I have always shared a combined interested in cooking, crafting, blogging, and just making thangs in general. We got to talking one night about starting up one of our old blogs. In usual blogger fashion we could not remember our old usernames/e-mails, so I recommended we use this one. I feel like the name and concept behind this blog resonates with what Kimmy and I hope to create on here. This blog is a simple space among all the spaces floating around in the interwebs where Kimmy and I will share with you (our lovely readers) the things we enjoy to create.


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