Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekly Granola: Almond Hazelnut Granola

Lets talk procrastination. I'm doing it now. Instead of studying for the GRE, I have decided to update my blog. Recently while procrastinating, I  was reading an article on procrastination (I know, meta) that has made me think of procrastination in a new light. I am a heavy procrastinator. If something needs to get done, I do it, but most things I find hard to concentrate on. Yes, there are countless sources who say it is an epidemic of our time, a side effect of my generation, but I have decided to see it in a new way.

In the western world, we have grown to think of how we view time as natural. Time is unquestionable in its nature and is the foundation of perspective. But there are cultures who see/experience time differently. I have recently been reading a book that has made me question how I view the world sensuously. My boyfriend, for example, is quick to explain bodily and natural phenomena through science. While this can lead to a certain level of satisfaction and understanding, ultimately it cripples your ability to feel, or in other words, to live in the moment.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Happy Friday

I hope everyone has a happy and relaxing weekend. I for one am ready to sleep in on Sunday!

Here are some links to enjoy.

I want to eat this salad.

Lately I have been obsessing over eggs.

Get my drink on.

I want this book.

How do you guys feel about savory waffles? I haven't decided..

One way of looking at being in your mid 20s and still not knowing what to do (me).

More eggs.

I love her attention to detail.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weekly Granola: Pumpkin Pie Spice

In Florida, we get the short end of the fall stick. While every food blogger is posting inspiring recipes for the season, I sit here in humidity and heat wondering where all of this festivity is coming from. I don't think the season creep is helping. It seems like August ends and people are breaking out the Thanksgiving decorations.

I miss experiencing the transformation of the seasons, but living here in Florida has taught me to appreciate the small changes. Now in the mornings I notice the ground cools enough over night for a light layer of dew to settle. And my car is no longer 101 degrees when I first get into it. It's the little things.

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